The beginnings of wafflings


Welcome to the wafflings

Put the kettle on and take a seat. Done? Right okay well hopefully by the time the kettle boils you will have read my waffling and you can get back to your tea.

Terribly sorry I lost a day there! You’ve probably had tea, coffee, breakfast, lunch and dinner since I went to put the kettle on! Right anyway, onwards we must go!

It’s a bugger when you can’t find your arm in the mornings, but it’s an excuse a teacher or boss cannot quibble with! How exactly can they create a response without getting themselves in a ‘discrimination’ pickle! It is certainty not Branston’s finest pickle but nevertheless it can and does happen. As a child it was a good way of getting out of school if you could not be arsed to get out of bed, as an adult it’s good old health & safety! You simply cannot use an indicator with a stump that’s too short by a forearm and hand. You might as well headbutt the steering wheel, or look like you are raising your arm to heil Hitler! Which is not the best look driving down the A3m…trust me.

Anyway that’s a little snippet of a waffling and most likely an insight into the pickle you can get in to with for the sake of the blog we’ll call my arm ‘stumpy’, yes stumpy will do! So my waffle bloggers (let’s call you WB’s for short) here begins the wafflings of a armless wannabe comedienne from Portsmouth.

ttfn and don’t let your tea get cold!



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