A waffle through my week


Well hello my waffle bloggers *remember WB’s* for short

How are we all today? I can only say I am glad it is the weekend…

They say never work with children or animals, well I work with children. Children who sometimes run around like animals so I guess that’s a tick on both counts!

It has been one of those you put the spoon in the bin and the yogurt in the sink kind of weeks! The Easter holidays, sunshine, bunny rabbits and daffodils in the countryside. No, no no my WB’s, it pissed it down with rain and 20 + children bouncing basketballs in a hall on a wet Monday morning -just marvelous! It was like a hang over in surround sound stereo. Between that and toddlers… you know I’ve come to the conclusion…toddlers are like terrorists…you cannot negotiate with them as they have no boundaries..they will crack you before you crack them.

Tuesday was just lovely, picturesque place that looked a little like Inspector Barnaby would be popping in for a cuppa. Pirate ship in one corner of the field, a zip wire in the other clearly the locals are looking for an escape route! Sailing away or zipping right out of the village to dark side of well, who knows!

Now Wednesday well, Wednesday made me unsure whether to start my day with coffee or wine! So sad when that happens isn’t it WB’s. I thought it a wonderful idea to make play dough on Wednesday morning. Yes, yes it was a good idea until some twat decided to cut the grass in the field next door…then imagine the scene *builds suspense* a table full of children watching you, parents chatting about how it was only the third day of the holidays. Then mother nature sends a gust of wind with pollen attached to it through the door and hits my nose! This is not good when you have a  1.5kg bag of flour in a bowl waiting to be mixed up and then YOU SNEEZE! Suddenly, play dough making has turned into a very bad snow storm! Thank you Forrest Gump, thank you very much indeed!

Thursday, I thank NASA for providing us with the wonderful moon cookie recipe. Perfectly fine if you like peanut butter, if you don’t however like me it’s positively foul! Putting what looks like something the cat threw up in a bowl with various other ingredients and covering it in icing sugar to me looked like you really could sugar coat a turd! But my dear WB’s the kiddie-winkles loved them so that’s what counts! (apparently).

Friday, yes I was thinking TGIF!! Here I found myself dunking a banana in white chocolate. This was after peeling it’s four skins (no pun intended ;P or was there?) Get your minds out of the gutter WB’s this was a purely educational activity of designing a face on to a biscuit covered in chocolate and adding fruit as it’s delicate features. Then after we finished with our bananas we bounced a few more balls (basket variety) it would be far too rude to think of a banana and balls together now wouldn’t it?? The best bit however was at lunch time, I took my arm off just to give stumpy some fresh air. Left my arm propped up on the chair next to me and the staff at the venue we were at were ever so politely freaked out by an arm sitting on a chair!…That made my week worth while!

So there you are waffle bloggers, an insight into my week… I do hope yours was ok?

Tonight my friends I shall be in the living room wine tasting


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