Black Friday madness

Black Friday madness

Friday 28th November. England.

Oh my dear waffle bloggers what is going on in England. Blame it if you will on the three A’s, Amazon, Apple & Asda, cooperations that thrive in the Good old US of A. Popping over to our shores and creating further madness for us.

If you are wondering why Debbie in Marketing is looking more perky than normal for a Friday, no it’s not because of a extra shot in her coffee. It’s because she’s just got 40% off a mulberry bag. Brian in accounts is not jumping up and down because he’s finally found the money that was AWOL in the internal systems. No it’s because he’s just scored a 40-inch plasma TV at half the price.

Brace yourself MDWB’s it’s here and looks like it’s here to stay. But getting in a barney over a cut-price blender isn’t very British is it? Oh my dear waffle bloggers I can see it now…
“Steve, father, son, brother… Died in vain for a Kenwood toaster.

If your other half owns a pair of health & safety boots, nick them. Steel toe caps are an excellent way of taking out a rival shopper. Buy a magazine, roll it up and use it as a sword, imagine Russell Crowe the muscle years *take a moment ladies and visualise this* then smack away! The posh sorts are scared of boobs & straight talking… Ladies we have the advantage here!

Play space invaders. Stand uncomfortably close to the person in front of you, breath softly on their neck. Tap their leg with your bags, 10 points if you can make them move!!

That my dear waffle bloggers is a quick tip for Black Friday as its descended on Britain.


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