About me… well that’s a little personal don’t you think


Okay well here goes, you are wondering if I really do have an arm missing or whether I am just someone with a very odd sense of humour. On both counts you’d be right I really do have an arm missing and I do wear a prosthetic limb, and yes I do have a very odd sense of humour!

Born with the lower part of my left arm missing, I’ve never known anything different from a prosthetic other than a hook. But let’s not mention that shall we, it rather brings a tear to my eye. That would mainly be because forgetting you have a hook and wiping your eye is a bloody painful experience! Trust me you do not want to tend to that unfortunate wedgie with one!

I’ve had various prosthetics from the NHS over the years and may I say they all did a wonderful job in fulfilling the left hand need. I am very fortunate now to receive my prosthetic arm from Dorset Orthopedic http://www.dorset-ortho.com/ where they are absolutely amazing! The staff are wonderful and I would thoroughly recommend them if you are on the look out for a limb or extremity.

Comedy is a fairly new thing to me, I’ve always done it but just never thought I could do anything with it. After 20 years of involvement with amateur theatre the hardest part I’ve ever played is me! Armless and on occasion legless, I owe my start in comedy to my friends, family and twitter.

So there you go a little about me. How rude of me I should have asked about you…

Oh, and I’m still waiting for my knight in shining armor. But knowing my luck I’ll get some twat in tinfoil on a donkey instead! (Apply within if you are a knight with a valiant steed, those in tin foil with a donkey -sorry I’m washing my hair, it takes longer with one hand you know!)

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