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No monkeys were harmed in the telling of this story…


My dear waffle bloggers,

I do apologise for the lack of blogging lately.   So for this little random wander into my mind I thought I’d offer up my thoughts on this.

Bored one evening and as you do MDWB’s I trailed through you tube and I stumbled across Peter Gabriel’s ‘Shock the Monkey’. Now, I love Monkeys MDWB’s last month I went there for a lovely wander with my friend Helen. We looked at monkeys for hours… But after 4 minutes of being told to ‘shock the monkey’ quite what he wanted to do MDWB’s.

Is it an expression with another meaning? Or is Mr Gabriel suggesting that we toss a plugged in toaster into the tub the next time a chimp takes a bath?

All I have really established my dear waffle bloggers is that Peter Gabriel has probably had a hell of a lot of acid in his lifetime, and no monkeys were harmed in the telling of this story.

Until next time my dear waffle bloggers…