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Remember remember the 5th November

Remember remember the 5th November

36 barrels of gunpowder under the Houses of Parliament… A war veteran pissed off by broken promises…

409 years later not a lot has changed really has it

My dear waffle bloggers, how are we? Television suitably turned up to drown out the fireworks in that ever so ‘British’ way yet?!

Yes, good, now let’s have a think about this shall we…Guy Fawkes night, bonfire night whatever you want to call it. These days it’s sees hundreds of thousands of pounds spent on blowing things up that look pretty in the night sky. People wrapped up warm drinking hot soup & eating jacket potatoes or queuing for the Waltzer whilst the sky is alight.

But 409 years ago a pissed off war veteran took some firewood, coal and matches and wandered underneath the Houses of Parliament. Intent to show the powers that be what’s what. MDWB’s if that were to happen today can you imagine it’s just you, him, and the bomb, and you talk to him to buy yourself some time while hoping someone comes along, calls the police, does the decent thing.

You are brave MDWB’s and you decide to have a chat…

There are lots of things he could be angry about with the people currently sitting above you – fraud, smears, lies, paedophiles, cock-ups, poor mathematics, migrant-bashing – but the thing he hates most of all is the Military Covenant.

Not the idea of it, which is to ensure armed forces personnel suffer no disadvantage due to their service and sometimes get preferential treatment because of it.

Nor the way it was enshrined in law in 2011 amid much fanfare and the Prime Minister promising to “treat people with the dignity they deserve”.

No, he’s angry about the fact that within a year of it being made law Parliament pissed on it.

He’s angry that war veterans like him were made redundant just days before they qualified for a pension, while politicians facing reform to their own pensions could get a higher salary to make up for it.

We keep on having a chat MDWB’s and you realise that you to are angry. Angry about the fact it took two years of appalling allegations about paedophiles infecting almost every institution in British life – the BBC, the NHS, children’s homes, Parliament itself never mind your local kebab shop – before the Government was stirred into organising an inquiry.

You wonder about the worth of parliamentarians who tell the terminally ill to get up and work. You wonder how disabled people will have a better life without the allowances they need to pay for independent living.

You stand there, feeling angry, and think about how 409 years ago today a war veteran with 10 years’ fighting behind him who felt oppressed and angry about promises the rulers had broken stood in the under-croft of the Houses of Parliament with 36 barrels of gunpowder, some coal and firewood, and matches in his pocket.

My dear waffle bloggers we all forget why Guy Fawkes was so angry & pissed off, why after he’s long gone the oppression for people like him simply got worse, and lasted for more than two centuries. How would we react today MDWB’s?  Well there’d be various reactions from people but in some ways dear friends how much has really changed in the last 409 years? …

Do you look over your shoulder at the door, glad no-one’s come along yet?

Maybe you wish him luck, and tell him that as Fawkes said on the rack “a desperate disease requires a dangerous remedy”.

Maybe you will try to talk him out of it, or go to find a policeman in the hope he’ll get help and the people who put themselves above will finally listen to those left below.

Me, well I think I’d quietly turn around, close the door, stick my elbow in the fire alarm and well the rest as they say is history MDWB’s.


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