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Some people make me understand why monkeys throw their poo!


My dear waffle bloggers,

I am sorry for not being present in your cyber space last week, very rude of me I know. I’m afraid MDWB’s life did not allow me near a keyboard long enough to waffle.

It has been one of those week’s where there’s been ups & down’s, highs and lows. During all of this MDWB’s I have been at times, more frustrated than a midget trying to play basketball. I have an electronic arm MDWB’s and it’s been away for repair but it’s not fixed yet so living one handed and trying not to over do it is challenging.

I did however stand in front of a chimpanzee enclosure and stare out a chimp whilst I was eating a banana! That my dear waffle bloggers was a highlight! Honestly, it was like monkey EastEnders, one of them was looking in an empty glass, couldn’t find any drink, lobbed it over its shoulder and then fell over. The Queen Vic of the chimp world it was. Brawl in the corner with the slightly balding one slapping the one with buck teeth, honestly Phil Mitchell and Ian Beale have nothing on these chimps!

Monkey World


They say monkeys are the closest relation to us humans and by George they were right! I could spot people I know characteristics in most of them. But…let’s not go in to that I’d be here all night! Monkeys giving blow jobs with children watching…MDWB’s they had no shame.  We were accompanied on our visit to Monkey World by the Sergent Major on my twat nav. Who by the way did not realise we had arrived at our destination! I have learnt MDWB’s that the £19.99 that Tom Tom keep trying to make me spend might actually be an investment so that the sergeant gets to the destination the same time I do!

Then you come back to reality don’t you MDWB’s, you leave Monkey World and head back to the the rest of the chimps. Flying visit to that there London town and a lovely people watching hour at Southbank, earphones in World off moment! Quick look at the big purple cow that is Udderbelly in London Wonderland and back home, where I left a bit of my toe in the road and the nurse at minor injuries thought as it was a bank holiday weekend I must have been pissed to have done it! When in fact I was as sober as a judge!

Some days you’re the statue, some days you’re the pigeon aren’t you MDWB’s. A week of feeling as frustrated as a T-Rex trying to do a press up mixed in with a very peculiar week of ‘what day is’ going on thanks to the bank holiday has not left me with much to write comprehensively!
Don’t worry waffle bloggers, next week I  shall be back with antidotes of my week… Until then I will leave you with this thought…
Teacher: What comes after 69? Student: Mouthwash. Teacher: Get out