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Have you ever noticed just how dirty minded biscuits actually are?

Have you ever noticed just how dirty minded biscuits actually are?

Have you ever noticed just how dirty minded biscuits actually are?

My dear waffle bloggers, how are we this week? Fed up with autumn / winter yet? Debating whether to take an umbrella to work or should the heating be on yet! Yes….I think we are all there aren’t we.

So here’s a little insight into the world of biscuit club in our office (you will never look at a biscuit in the same way again). Let’s get into the frame of mind shall we, here goes…

You set up the tea club because we are always short of milk, tea or coffee and most likely a clean cup. We resolve this by reforming the ‘tea club’. Out comes the spreadsheet and shopping price comparisons on the best price for tea, coffee & sugar go into the hat for the best deal. Next who wants in?? Yep, sorted names on a sheet and off we go…fabulous!

But what biscuits do we get I hear you cry??

Well my dear waffle bloggers this is where it went wrong! Now I’d always prided myself on being a reasonable speller…until the day I did the biscuit choices on the spreadsheet.

My simple mistake of misspelling ‘Jammy dodgers’ to Jammy doggers’ lead to the decline of work and a whole new world of biscuit discussion!

Can you imagine a jammy dogger…Ewww clearly nobody wants that! That’s not in the tourist information about

Pocream-collon-buscuits1rtsdown Hill’s special car park section!

But it does get you thinking doesn’t it…who comes up with these names? Are they sitting there chuckling away to themselves wondering how long it might be before someone thinks…Oooo maybe that’s not such a good name for a mid morning snack!

Have a ponder MDWB’s and get back to me…

Lemon Puffs

Pink Wafer

Ginger Nuts

Custard Creams

Fig Roll

Jammy dodgers

Cadburys Fingers

Jaffa Cake

Hob Nob

Coconut Ring

Viennese Finger

The list just goes on and on my dear waffle bloggers…so next time you are dunking a biscuit in your cuppa tea or coffee…You’ll never think of a biscuit in the same way again!

It goes in dry and comes out wet, the longer its in the stronger it gets, it comes out dripping and starts to sag, its not what you think… its a tetley’s teabag!