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A Wednesday Waffle, St. George Vs Walford Common

A Wednesday Waffle, St. George Vs Walford Common

St. GeorgeGood evening MDWB’s,

How are we today? Not quite recovered from the four day weekend yet & finding the week a struggle? Yes, I am too!

You know what they say about Wednesdays… Close, but not close enough, but tomorrow is Friday Eve! Also you would think with a name like ‘hump day’ Wednesdays should be much more fun than they actually are!

Except today is St. George’s day in Great Britain and MDWB’s not everyone knows this! A man on a stead thrusting his big sword into a dragon and we do not celebrate it enough. Honestly WB’s it sounds filthy doesn’t it! A man thrusting his sword into a dragon and it’s not on EastEnders!! (We will get to that in a minute!). Just down the road in Emsworth they celebrate with a special sausage! Read into that what you will WB’s! Dirty, dirty buggers!

St. George’s day in England at the moment seems to me to be like St. Patricks day without the fuss! All wrong we should be down the pub celebrating this one too! No excuses needed for a glass of ¬†wine now is there!

Now let’s move on to EastEnders! I’m a seasonal watcher e.g. Christmas Day because there’s feck all else on & you’ve eaten far too much and you can’t possibly use your arm to change the channel. So MDWB’s I ask you this Lucy Beale meets her demise on Walford Common.., now where the fecking hell has Walford Common been hiding for the past 30 years! Maybe the wombles nicked it!

Other random TV irritations have been Daybreak’s continuing belief that Kathy Lette will eventually say something funny. BBC3 finding The Call Centre’s Nev a lot more loveable than the rest of the country. More bewilderingly thick young contestants on Amazing Greys.

Finally, how the hell does Rob Brydon’s bald spot disappear between Friday’s trip to Italy and Saturday night’s BBC1’s terrible version of Blankety Blank!?! Answers on a guess list, please.