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And that was January 2015

And that was January 2015

My dear waffle bloggers, a very happy new year to you all. Yes, I know it is virtually February which technically means I’m about 19 days early in wishing you a very happy Chinese New Year.

It has taken me a while this month to find happy, funny things to blog about. It is hard to find humour in such tragedies like Charlie Hebdo, only fifteen days into this year. The Je suis Charlie campaign of freedom of speech around the globe, if nothing else restored my faith in humanity.

The worrying thing I think for January is for the Peppa Pig creators. Should we not use pigs as characters in children’s stories etc in fear of offending Jewish & Muslim people? Frankly I think poor old Porky pig would have something to say about this. Porky pig has been around for 50+years, then there was babe and now Peppa. Other than the fact I think they would make a cracking bacon butter MDWB’s, I think the world has gone mad.

We worry too much about approval and forget about fun. Politically correct cartoons, well I’m sorry but has anybody watched futurama lately. I’d be worried if I saw a talking octopus coming towards me.

So MDWB’s I am hoping that February onwards brings love, laughter and fun . It’s so much easier to write about!

Until next time, I am still working my way through only fools & horses.